Agent Greene Travel
P.O Box 42073
Baltimore, MD 21284
Phone: 301.292.4115
Office: 410.665.8325
Fax: 410.668.0026

About Agent Greene!

Agent Greene is your very own, online, special Travel Agent.
Our desire is to provide you with the best available travel opportunities,
specially tailored to your needs, desires, and budget.

Agent Greene Travel is a full-service Travel Agency located in
Baltimore, Maryland. Our goal is to provide you with practical and affordable
travel service FROM anywhere in the US, TO anywhere in the US and beyond.
Our agents have combined travel experience of over 40 years and are ready
to assist you with any and all travel plans. We’ll work with you to meet your
travel needs so that your trip is as spectacular as you imagine it to be.
We’ll help you get there with airfare deals and other travel options;
we’ll also help you to plan your arrival with rental transportation, as well
as activities that will make your trip unforgettable.

Not sure where to start? Email [Agent Greene] at any time with your travel
questions, we’ll be happy to help!